Thursday, February 7, 2013

Highschool of Love

Sometimes a school will really drain the energy, mind, heart and feelings, especially when we talk about the stack tasks, quizzes, final exam, and also about the future of terror is so scary. For me, sometimes the school was worse than a prison, school uniforms were far from fashionable (as cool if we had a uniform belonging Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl), millions of rules, as well as a demanding teacher (Think of the writing of this paragraph is someone who is so lousy in school , rather than someone who is now an adult, and so at ease with the school to devote his life as a teacher: P) Honestly school is not that bad, and sometimes dramatization too necessary, lol.

But the school will be feel like a heaven when we talk about LOVE

Believe me, sometimes cute girl from the class next door is the reason we are going to school, even in the first hour you have to deal with Math or yeah maybe the reason you follow the debate club just because you fancied her the same chairman. Hey I wanted to ask, how many of us who experience first love in school? I think now I just want to write some romantic style kids love school.


The time for looking girlfriend, lyrics seniors are cute or cross-eyed girl in the seat behind you, there's a lot of silly things that happened during the orientation, like a big brother whose hobby companion law prettiest girl in the class, or seniors who become quasi celebrity thanks to his signature hunted, or make a task like a love letter on the last day for the seniors ORIENTATION. But at the end time for the event GET CLOSE ORIENTATION so, right?

2. Secret Admirer

Maybe you fancy a cool basketball captain or council chairman who cupu but cute, or maybe kids love  but because the child had a girl child basketball that jutek Cheers abis, the Chairman of the council was too busy at his organization, the child trussss Rohis weve not be going out, now you know! Sometimes be a dilemma right? Well in conditions like this ya sometimes be a reason for someone so secret admirer, but so secret admirer tuh challenging and spur creativity. Want ungkapin feeling but afraid of rejection, but it could be a desire to nunjukkin emang but not blatantly so sent me a note, a surprise, put up a shy smile papas's fitting, never experienced? Must know it feels!

3. Crush on a single young teachers

Sometimes among teachers so that there is one charming tuh, tuh could be the reason why we are so like the same lessons that we hate, for example like the cool English teacher, many of my friends who has school grounds after school end, at least not bad if CIVICS teacher is assessed, ga alOrientationt no reason try to GET CLOSE-in.

4. Estimated classmate friend

Suddenly there was a paper airplane landing on your desk that contains the message "are you gonna be my girl?" Or there may be rese boys' who acts annoying just to attract attention, or a child who keringet cold every time you senyumin him, or boys suddenly so had nyampulin skill books, or you writting a note fitting you're sick, or you ngajakin home together, now you know! You see children Orientationt likely crush you, sometimes called also seeing classmates can add vigor to learn and would be a heavy tengsin if you till have no good replay value, but it would be complicated fitting broke and already so ex.

5. Nyatain Love at Art exhibition

When Art exhibition loads are invented, sometimes Art exhibition so Orientationt ditungguin event and is considered a good time for nyatain feeling, gonna fit you nyatain romantic feelings again gigging band again sings a love song, but it would be not bad if you're in the middle of Art exhibition saying love but rejected, for a not strong mentally, do not try this for your self, believe me!

6. Graduation Day

Age reading Japanese comics, in Japan there is a tradition ask buttons fit both boys graduation day, FYI The second button of a school uniform means a token of love in Japan, why should latch number two? The answer is because it is located close to the heart.  hmmmm not know deh in Indonesia there is a desperate girl asked a boy buttons do not? But obviously for me it's one of the traditions of Japanese schoolgirl style cute and romantic.

7. Prom Night

Nothing can beat the romance on prom night; burden schools already gone, it's time to PARTY The quistions , why should the girls wear beautiful dress for what turned into a charming guys? Because this is the Orientationt special moment at the end of the school year! hey make an already long be with ya when Orientationt good heart for the ending-in, welcome to death will be remembered, was rejected? After all, not going to see you again: P
Missed a period love story for the school .... still in school, do not ever bear love story, just like the replay that can score eight instead of nine

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